PM offers to oversee selections

Pledges mega-project transparency at launch


Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has offered to personally oversee a new national selection committee to ensure "the greatest transparency and fairness" in the selection process of foreign investors for the government's 1.8 trillion baht worth of mega-projects.

Speaking to about 300 foreign diplomats, international organisations and private sector representatives to give an overview of the projects, Mr Thaksin said all proposals would be scrutinised by the committee which would be set up to deal with the selection process.

"The consideration of your proposals will place a great emphasis on transparency and openness.

"This will be done through a national selection process which I shall oversee myself to ensure fairness," he said.

Mr Thaksin said various criteria would serve as guidelines for choosing and evaluating proposals.

"We would select the ones that best suit our needs, while also maintaining our fiscal discipline."

Bangkok Mp Nahathai Thewpai-ngarm speaks at a press conference at Thai Rak Thai headquarters to deny rumours she became pregnant following an affair with a high-level party executive. Many women MPs from the party turned up yesterday to give her moral support.

Mr Thaksin said Thailand was looking for proposals which provided for technology transfer and development of human resources while preferring proposals with favourable and creative financial terms and conditions such as barter trade.

Mr Thaksin said Thailand needed to draw upon the vast knowledge, talent and technology available in the world to accelerate its development.

The strategy could give the country more than a jump-start in development but a big leap, with the power and grace of a gazelle or antelope.

Mr Thaksin unveiled a series of mega-projects including mass transit systems, water resource management plans, and information and communication technology projects.

He also revealed newly proposed mega-projects such as one called National Defence Technology to modernise the country's defence systems as well as agricultural projects including a tuna fishing fleet, dairy industry development and food safety and traceability.

However, many foreign diplomats expressed concern about the possibility of barter trade deals.

Friedrich Hamburger, ambassador of the European Union, said Thailand could not finance all projects with barter trade as the country would not have enough agricultural produce to be used for the payment.

Peter Van Haren, president of the Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce, was also concerned about the barter trade aspect and asked the government to explain it in detail.

Government spokesman Surapong Suebwonglee said that a committee would be formed to oversee development of the mega- projects and answer inquiries.

The committee will also examine the terms of reference that international developers would draft so Thailand would not be at a disadvantage if it accepted their proposals.

In the third week of January, the government would hold a meeting to receive proposals from developers, including the terms on which they would undertake the projects.

Bidding contests for the projects would be held in April or May.

He said the government would limit its mega-project investment to 1.8 trillion baht excluding that for the dairy industry, food factories making goods for export and weapons projects. It would not implement all the projects at once but phase them in gradually to keep its foreign debt ratio below 50% of GDP and repayment debt ratio to GDP at 16%.

A railway line from Rangsit to Mahachai would be among the top-priority projects.

Transport Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisal said France, Spain, China, Russia and Britain were interested in mass transit development in Thailand. They had already created companies to vie for development projects and France had confirmed its contractors were ready to take up all stages in developing railway lines.



BOYCOTT the following corporations, companies and organizations, who
have no ethical standing and support the enslavement of Kenya wildlife into
the Thai night zoo:

  • AIS mobile phone company Thailand (owned by PM Thaksin)

  • Environment Trust of Kenya (Chairman: Mr Zachariah Kagombe Nderu)

  • Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (Coast branch chairman: Mr Mohammed Hersi)

  • Thai  Star  Restaurant  - Valley Arkade, Nairobi

The following Thai companies tried to start business in Kenya by providing products, which actually no Kenyan needs from Thailand, especially not plastic bags, which most likely will be banned in Kenya soon anyway. These companies received direct support from the Thai Embassy during the last visit of the Thai Prime Minister, who signed the wildlife MOU.


  1. Atlantic Laboratories Corp. Ltd. (Pharmaceutical / Veterinary Products)

  2. Fortune Parts Industry Public Co., Ltd. (Plastic / Metal Auto Body Parts)

  3. P.C.Y. Body Parts Industry Co., Ltd. (Truck Body Parts)

  4. Seikenhei Mark Co., Ltd. (Rubber Auto Parts and made to order rubber parts)

  5. Taveekoon Supply (1994) Co., Ltd. (Car Accessories: Bumpers, roll bars, side steps)

  6. Standard Universal International Co., Ltd. (Wooden / Plastic Houseware)

  7. 40 K & P Co Ltd (Baby, Children & Mother’s wear, Soaps, Shampoos, Costmetics)

  8. Reang-Wa Standard Industry Co., Ltd. (Plastic Household Products)

  9. Pioneer Industrial Corp., Ltd. (Plastic Household Products / Plastic Kitchenware)

  10. T.Y.K. Inter Ocean Marketing Co., Ltd. (Plastic Bags and Machinery)

  11. Asia Drink Co., Ltd. (Fishery Equipment: Ropes & Nets)

  12. Heng Pradubyont (Front Bumpers, Rear Bumper, Roll Bars)

  13. Seethong 555 Co., Ltd. (Envelopes, Notepads and Letter Sets)

  14. Siamplant & Foods Co Products. (Export Vegetable oil, seasoning paste, instant noodle & dehydrated foods)

  15. Uthi Supply Ltd. (Auto Parts Auto Accessories, spotlight & fog light)

  16. W Dynamic Co., Ltd. (Auto Parts, Bus spare parts, stainless furniture)

  17. Boland Technology (Printer Supply & Inkjet)

Thai Nationals, check out your governance http://www.thaiinsider.com .

Boycott all Thai corporations and companies, who do not publicly state that they oppose the deal. (Incl. THAI - the national airline and any company which has Thai governmental shareholding or backing - unless they give you a written statement that they oppose the Kenya/Thai wildlife deal.)

Please send your feedback: kenyathai@ecoterra.net



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