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A Profile of Definitive Energy Solutions


AltEner built the first generation of high temperature solar dish systems in 1992. We have since acquired and developed a wide range of proprietary  technologies and expertise and now  offer our clients total and ‘definitive’ energy solutions above the sale and installation of a range of solar/energy equipment.


Our mission is to transform the energy markets in which we operate towards a more sustainable collective regime through consumer awareness and advocacy, technological innovation and distinctive service.


AltEner is a ‘business-with-a-philosophy’ whose consulting arm  provides quality and independent advice to NGOs, Government departments, private organizations and individuals in Eastern  Africa.


We specifically focus our operations on the design of comprehensive alternative and renewable energy systems covering diverse technologies like crop drying, heat recovery  (boilers, heat pumps), solar heating, solar electricity  (PV), wind energy, battery based power back up systems (Inverters), pool heating and high temperature solar dish and trough systems.


Our core expertise is in the delivery of unique custom-designed energy solutions based on analytic problem solving and needs assessment, as well as close co-operation with the customer that begins immediately after the first contact.


High Temperature Parabolic Dish & Trough Systems.


This is the ‘flagship’ technology of AltEner. The Fixed Focus (point focus)Technique is the technological breakthrough to high temperature solar applications ranging in technological scale from simple traditional cooking to modern commercial and industrial applications for households, refugee camps, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories etc. that save energy by up to 75%.


Solar Hybrid Kitchen-Installed 1992


Temp. @ focal point   350 degrees Celsius
Average power of dish at 1000W/m2   4.0 kW
No. Of dishes, 8m2   5
Serving   350 students
No. Of cooking places   3
Pre-Heat Water Tank, 200L   1 Reduces cooking times
. .
Cost of firewood in old kitchen (100kg/day X 270days @ 3/=/kg )   81, 100/=
. .
Cost of firewood in solar kitchen (10.8kg (breakfast only) X 216 X sunny days @ 3/=/kg + 54 cloudy days X 73kg/day @ 3/= 6, 998.4/= +11, 826/=   Total 18, 824/=
. .
Annual Fuel Savings   62, 176.6/= or 76.76%


Features & Benefits

  1. Cooking speeds equivalent to gas/electric stoves of same rating. Dishes available in commercial and domestic sizes [8 sqm.( 4kW)  and 3sqm. (1.5kW)].

  2. Practically all meal types can be prepared, including deep frying and baking.

  3. Solar ‘fire’ does not require continuous attention or stoking-dish automatically and independently tracks the sun over the whole day.

  4. Improved kitchen hygiene-none of the smoke, soot or sweating associated with the use of firewood.



Specifier’s Guide for Kitchen Applications—8m2 Dish


For up to and every 100 people 2 dishes, 2 cooking places


Other Applications


Solar drying of agricultural produce, water heating and

desalination, waste treatment.


Solar Water Heating is the natural solution to high electricity  and oil fuel bills. We have unrivalled expertise with the experience of installing over 1000 domestic and commercial systems over a period of ten years. We are currently introducing our proprietary trough (line focus) systems in 2m2 modules for large scale commercial water heating. Line focus water heating systems are best suited for commercial operations with existing central facilities  like hotels, factories (boiler pre-heat) and pool heating, where great cost benefit is realized in the elimination of distributed storage tanks.



Swimming Pool Heating is an expensive affair. Leaving  your pool unheated, and underutilized therefore, is yet  even ‘costlier'. Call us for a range of effective solutions to one of the least understood thermal applications.


Photovoltaics — Stand alone and hybrid solar electric systems for lighting, refrigeration, water pumping etc.


Energy Planning & Management


We have a comprehensive portfolio of user-interactive methodologies and technologies to save energy in your home, factory, restaurant, hotel etc.


You will be surprised how much energy and money you could save by simply matching the quality and scale of your energy sources to end-use applications.


For more information send a mail to us at office[AT]ecoterra.net





Cooking pot in a sliding, insulated carrier.

Solar and fire-place are both in fixed positions.

Solar kitchen in Southern India
 ... with 2 cooking places.
Solar extension for staff canteen in Botswana (1998)
3 cooking vessels (13 lts each) with segmented movable sec. reflector and shutters to regulate the heat
Frying potato-chips in one of the 3 pots
Inauguration oft the solar kitchen (inside above)
Kitchen in Northern Kenya with fence for security (1997)
Solar extension for school kitchen in Cameron
Cooking place for 70 lts spherical vessel (without cover)
Kitchen staff in the new solar Kitchen


All pictures © by AltEner


Friday, 12 November, 2004, 09:43 GMT

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Kenya slum turns sun into energy

By Celeste Hicks 
BBC News 

One thing Kenya is certainly not short of is good weather.

In one of Nairobi's poorest neighbourhoods, people have started working to make the best of the free energy potential of the sun. 

An example of the panels produced by KCYP 
The panels can power radios 

Orders are already beginning to flood into the Kibera Community Youth Project (KCYP) for solar panels built in a small workshop in the heart of one of Africa's biggest slums. 

Using skills and equipment passed on to them by a volunteer, the young people are engaged in the entire line of production, from slicing the silicon sheets, to wiring the connectors, to calculating the correct voltages. 

"We've been making solar panels of different sizes - 12, nine and six volts," says Mills Shamoli, a regular attendee at the solar energy group. 

"We've learnt that they can power different sizes of radio, as well as charging mobiles and rechargeable batteries." 

No batteries

British volunteer John Keane had a hunch the solar panels could be a popular product, after an earlier experience of living in a Tanzanian village with no electricity. 

Fred Ouko, co-ordinator of KCYP

What I want to see... real benefit trickling down to individual persons

KCYP's Fred Ouko 

"Everyone here seems to have a radio, but many of them don't have the funds to continually buy batteries, as they often don't have a reliable source of income," he says. 

Many of the young people working on the solar project have never had a job, or seen anyone in their families have a job. 

The average wage in Kibera is $1 a day but a small solar panel which takes just a matter of minutes to put together can sell for around $5. 

Investment needed

Just a few months after the group completed their first prototype radio solar panel, they are already drawing up a business plan to turn the project into a self-sustaining enterprise. 

Kibera Community Youth Project attendees 
The young are also gaining confidence 

If they are successful in attracting investment, they would like to expand their sales to rural parts of western Kenya, where the electricity supply is often sporadic. 

Fred Ouko is the co-ordinator of KCYP and he says the young people are really starting to gain in confidence. 

"What I want to see is real empowerment, real benefit trickling down to individual persons," he says. 

"They're actually making something up to a full product and then selling it, and they know now they can do this for themselves."


First Demonstration of the EcoAltener-Cooker in Tanzania
11. 03. 2005  (picture: ECOTERRA Intl.)

Video : Not only cooking and baking, even boiling is easily achieved with the new ALTENER/ECOTERRA solar-cooker!

Joint-venture: ALTENER/ECOTERRA's new solarcooker with 3 sqm - based on the priciples of the Scheffler-cooker, but further developed and adapted to local conditions.


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